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Online Visualization and Processing of 3D Point Clouds

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Powered by Cesium and 3DPointHub

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Union Intersection

All points that are affected by at least one clipping plane are clipped. Only points that are affected by every clipping plane are clipped.

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Point Cloud Analytics delivered online.
Secure upload, fast rendering & innovative functions.
Have a look at our public point clouds!

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Different modes of visualization

Uploaded point clouds can be visualized according to user’s needs, e.g. gradient colours to indicate changes in height.

Support for semantic classes

If your data comes with semantic classes, those will be understood and maintained during upload.

Measure objects digitally

Measure length and area – directly in your online point cloud.

Point Cloud Fusions

Combine separate point clouds to obtain entire city models, landscapes and panoramas within seconds.

Universal access 24/7

Our browser-based platform allows you to access all of your point clouds anywhere at anytime.

Unlimited upload

Upload point clouds of any size and as many as you want. Our platform is made to handle large files and workloads.

Dedicated rights management

You decide, who can view, edit and share your point clouds based on an advanced rights management system.

Easy to use

Choose the input device you prefer - mouse, keyboard or touch. We support all major browsers and operating systems.

Advanced Rights Management

Private Teams Public

Confidential data is safe on 3DPointHub’s premises.
Being the owner of a point cloud, you can decide who shall have access to its data.
Choosing private mode is the perfect option for processing point clouds of individual buildings and other sensible areas.
Privacy preferences can be changed at any time.

Collaborate with colleagues, partners, stakeholders or simply friends and people who are just as passionate about point clouds as you are.
Create and share annotations, comments, objects and point clouds with your team.
All information is kept from public and can not be accessed by non-members.
Only the dedicated team owner can manage the team’s members.

Show your projects to the world!
Choosing to share your point clouds, visualizations and objects to the public, means to profit from the community and its engagement.
Any public point clouds will be also accessible for non-registered users.

Just two more steps for your account

Before creating your account on 3DPointHub we need some information.
After submitting those, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.

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Deployment on your own server infrastructure
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After creating a free account by using the form above you can switch to any plan from within your user menu.

About 3DPointHub

3DPointHub is a project by Point Cloud Technology, taking innovative and powerful techniques for automated point cloud analysis to a central web-platform. Users are enabled to share and collaborate on point clouds easily. We believe, that this hub is of interest to individuals, but also to companies of any size and public institutions. 3DPointHub and all user data are hosted and stored on servers in Germany. Thus, users can rely on a stable and secure infrastructure. Additionally, the dedicated rights management system allows team collaboration, likewise restricted access. Using 3DPointHub frees resources on users premises, as all storing and processing happens on web-servers while the workload for rendering is kept to a minimum due to the usage of advanced data structures.
Still, all functions available on this platform are just a fraction of the capabilities of Point Cloud Technology. Successively, these additional functions and features will be made available on 3DPointHub, but if you feel, that you need additional or more specific functionality right now, you are kindly advised to contact us at Point Cloud Technology to see, what we can do for you.

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